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Custom  furniture

Object Design

In addition to our PACK DESIGN service, we offer custom furniture designs to optimize your own space.

These custom designs are imagined in correlation with the chosen style of interior decoration.

Our 3D technology allows us to model complex and biomimetic shapes in order to breathe life into your sketches.

Parametric tools generate a vast choice of formal and functional solutions to optimize your realization.

Our product offers you the possibility to program the manufacturing with numerical control machines (CNC milling machine, laser cutting, 3D printing).

Collective co-founded by Architects and Designers, Shenron Studio also offers co-design / co-creation of artistic projects, interiors and custom furniture.


We manufacture our products from 3D modeling allowing the creation of molds, parts and the ability to drive digital machines. Our materials of choice: wood, staff, resin, steel…

dessin technique 3D plan meuble bar
Meuble bar design face
dessin technique 3D meuble bar

Our design method, often bio-inspired, tries to be resilient by creating optimal shapes that fit perfectly into their environment.


plan architecte
plan 2d aménagement espace loft architecture

Shenron Studio offers individuals to optimize or redesign their spaces, then the customer chooses among different plans.

Following the presentation of the concept/ambience plans (furniture, lighting, finishing) we deliver the final layout plan and the 3D renderings of your project.

séjour design loft rendu 3D mobilier photo