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Drone data modeling

Data / 3D / BIM

1 – 0.1 cm/px

lasergrammétrie nuage de points X Y Z
modélisation données 3d
icone drone relevé par drone captation territoire architecture

3D capture by drone and lidar

The first step is done on the field with the most adapted tools. We prepare in advance the action plan for the scan as well as the necessary authorizations for the smooth running of the mission. The drone allows the capture of large areas and the building envelope because it acts by the areas while the tools (Lidar, Theodolite) are better suited to the interior capture. Then follows the second step of compilation and processing of scanned data to reconstruct the digital model of the existing which is geolocated and textured.
Then follows the second step of compilation and processing of scanned data to reconstruct the digital model of the existing which is geolocated and textured (cloud of points, mesh and texture).

The third post-processing step provides a 3D / BIM model, plans (DWG), real-time visualization and simulations. The BIM model becomes the reference, it acts like a clone of what already exists, allowing the use of all project data by building professionals (engineers, architects , etc). Over the years, we have built up a network of professionals with capture tools (drone, lidar, theodolite, etc.) working throughout France as well as expertise in 3D data capture and processing.

Digitizing and mapping of the building and environment of your project with the latest technology of drone and lidar. Creation of your 3D models of land and buildings from 3D scanned data and photogrammetry.

Digital Model

– Point cloud

– 3D mesh

– Ortho-textures

– Geolocation of the model

nuage de points scan 3D drone photogrammétrie numérique
3d maillage drone photogrammétrie
mesh 3d maillage scan 3D drone photogrammétrie texture

Creation and storage of 3D data to ensure the protection and restoration of architectural heritage classified as historical monuments and to monitor their evolution over time.

Maximum precision

3D Model : 0,5 cm / px

Texture resolution  : 0,1 cm / px

Geolocalisation (WGS 84, L93, etc…)

Accurate assesment of the restoration work to be undertaken for the inspection professions from a single detailed 3D documentation. Global mapping of the ground and the envelope of the buildings by drone for the telemetry professions with precise calibration points.

cartographie 3d par drone data télépilote data modeleur

Follow-up and evolution of the site remotely and taking of dimensions and 3D cubatures.

3D par drone photogrammétrie télépilote

The export in 2D projection of the ortho-photos of your project in very high resolution allows the rapid creation of dimensioned plans with great precision.

orthophoto ortho texture 2D 3D photogrammétrie drone

Creation of your BIM (Building information modeling) model to allow architects and engineers to use for the collaborative design in real time of their projects.

BIM 3d modeling
photogrammétrie numérique maquette BIM
3D BIM building information modeling textures drone photogrammétrie

The creation of the 3D/ BIM model also allows to optimize the model for the creation of real time simulations.

Sunshine/ Irradiation

– Hourly sunshine

– Solar potential (Kwh)

– Thermal comfort

simulation numérique maquette 3d irradiation
simulation numérique maquette 3d ensoleillement

Order your climatic analyzes (irradiation, hourly sunshine, wind and rainwater flows, isovists, etc.) and get ahead of your competitors.

simulation 3d numérique vent
simulation 3d phénomènes environnementaux vent vents fluides

Wind Flow

– Direction and disturbance

– Wind speed (m/s)

– Ortho-textures