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3d render

Ultra HD

12 – 20 Mpx

Saint denis

Photorealistic 3d rendering image

The Shenron Studio team is made up of modelers mastering complex 3D profiling as well as the technology necessary for modeling your project (Photogrammetry / BIM / Parametric / Algorithmic).

We integrate projects into their environments with open data (GIS), land, plants, furniture, materials, lights etc.

After setting up the 3D scene, we use photorealistic technology (RAY) to produce a very high definition rendering.

Our algorithmic tools also allow us to offer you the opportunity to explore “reverse engineering” through: 3D simulation of irradiation / flow (winds, isovists, etc.).

Shenron Studio offers a powerful 3D modeling service combining the latest techniques: BIM / Parametric / Algorithmic to bring life to your most ambitious projects.

3D virtual mockup

The digital model becomes the main communication tool between the professionals of architecture and real estate because it allows the visualization, the management and the exchange of data.

3D digital twin with building information modeling (BIM) allows to embed a high number of information allowing a real assistance to the design as well as the automation towards the export 2D.

Creation of your ultra-realistic 3D rendering perspectives for the presentation and communication of your architectural projects. Setting up the environment (sky, plants), materials, lights and animation of the scene to create the specific atmosphere of your design.

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High resolution perspective of your rehabilitation, restoration and interior design projects (housing, offices, business) from your sketches, layout plans, choice of furniture, materials, etc…

Mezzanine design loft architecture matériaux cosy real estate

3D photo-realistic integration of your project in a photo of the existing one, for the submission to the town hall of your building permit applications and prior declarations

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