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The meeting

The story begins in 2014, on the 5th floor terrace of ENSAPVS. Marked by the meeting of Thomas Leclair, Louis Velter, Guillaume Martin, Junhao Shi and Yassine Bruneau who built the first “open source” 3D printer at ENSAPVS. This meeting gave rise to a first common project: the creation of the first student-run Fablab association in France. A successful project, the office now manages the school’s algorithmic modeling and digital fabrication department for more than 3000 students. Currently equipped with 3 3D laser printers, 2 open source 3D printers, a CNC and a virtual reality room. 


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After obtaining the state diploma of architect, Louis obtained the licence of drone pilot (DGAC) and started his activity. Thomas worked for the start-up PARROT Air Support as "Photogrammetry Team Leader" and "3D Modeller", in several architectural agencies in Paris. Louis and Thomas then imagined an ecosystem of digital services, from data scanning to virtual communication and digital mock-ups. The desire to set up this service with an online client space and our discussions with the computer engineer Xavier Engels, led us to partner with him and to the creation of the collective and the registration of the brand Shenron Studio in January 2019.  

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The master of these new skills and tools, opened a new voice, as well as the certainty that the ongoing digital transformation is revolutionizing the fields of construction with the BIM model, because of the possibility to store and visualize millions of data, architecture with the role of global synthesis of information in 3D and digital communication in real estate promotion. We realized that by putting our skills, our tools and the creation of a clear offer, there would be no need to raise funds to work on large projects and implement technically complex missions.

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The collective is made up of self-employed partners and relies on a network of varied and multidisciplinary skills (architects, designers, 3D modelers, tele pilots throughout France, photographers, developers).

This allows us to offer complete technical solutions while optimizing costs and to work with our partners both for specific requests and to support them in their overall digital transformation process.


Our current development areas are the creation of virtual museums and shops as well as the deployment of drone technology for BIM models.


Thomas Leclair


Graduated from ENSAPVS in 2017 and co-founder of the FABLAB association, Thomas developed a skill in algorithmic modeling and 3D printing. His first experience will be foundational as he will be a “data modeler” and then responsible for the digital photogrammetry and virtual reality drone service within the start-up Air Support launched in 2017 by the PARROT group. Then, Thomas worked for several years as a 3D computer graphics designer in the architecture agency Archibuild and perfected his photorealistic 3D rendering technique, before embarking on the Shenron Studio adventure.


An architect who graduated from ENSAPVS in 2019, and who is passionate about the interactions between Man and his environment, it was natural for him to study the various methods and tools that enable a better understanding of these interactions, through analysis, modeling and simulation. Eager to experiment, he participated in the launch of Shenron Studio alongside Thomas Leclair, whom he met during the successful adventure of the FABLAB association at ENSAPVS. He is also a DGAC registered drone pilot, allowing Shenron Studio to accompany you on new aerial projects.

Louis Velter
Xavier Engels


Web, software and e-business development engineer, graduated from ESGI in 2016 with 4 years of work experience. He then became a “consultant/developer” at Ametix. Passionate about web development and its ecosystem, he evolved in a PHP environment before moving on to React at Maileva, which he joined in 2017 following the acquisition of Ametix by Docapost. At the same time, he participated in the creation and deployment of Shenron Studio via its website and took on the responsibility of CIO. In 2021, the adventure at Maileva ends to leave more room for Shenron Studio and to accelerate the graphic redesign of the site as well as the new product features, such as the implementation of our online virtual tour and customer delivery module.

Team equipment

Théodolite Théodolite Géoloc. 1 cm
DJI Mavic 3 photogrammétrie DJI Mavic 3 20 mpx I 5.1K
DJI Mini 2 relevé bâtiment par drone DJI Mini 2 12 mpx I 4K
canon photo réflex Nikon D3200 24 mpx I 6K
Insta 360 ONE X2 visite virtuelle 360 Insta360 ONE X2 18 mpx I 5.7K
canon G7 Canon G7 20 mpx I 4K
oculus quest meta oculus Quest
Ipad pro 12.9 apple pencil Ipad pro 12.9 2 388 x 1 668 px
PC fixe Intel I7 GTX NVIDIA 6 x PC Intel I7 I GTX